The Advantage Of 24/7 Lockout Service

A locksmith provides a service that is often in demand in situations in which an individual is locked out of their home or car. Sometimes you may have just forgotten your keys, or perhaps the key broke or jammed in the lock, but whatever the case may be you definitely don’t want to be waiting outside in the cold for very long to get back into your home or car. That is why Lock Pro provides a 24/7 lockout service that gives northern Coloradans the piece of mind that they need to know...


5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Locks

Locks today are so ubiquitous and common that we hardly even think about them. They have become totally unremarkable in many of our eyes. But, can you imagine what would happen tomorrow if all the sudden the world was without locks? There would be no way to protect your home or car, or to secure your possessions. They say that familiarity makes people take things for granted, and that is undoubtedly true with the lock. So, in the spirit of celebrating one of the most revolutionary devices...


DIY: How To Copy A Key At Home

If you have a key that you need copied, you could always take it a locksmith or your local hardware store, where they will be able to copy your key usually within minutes for a small fee. But, what about you enterprising do-it-yourselfers? Is there a simple way to copy a key at home without paying someone else to do it. Actually, there are a few ways to do that. But, keep in mind that key replacement for locks that you don’t own is not only unethical, it may be illegal.